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          "At SQATest we believe that software quality assurance is not just a testing but it is a complete line of tasks aiming to ensure the highest standards of the delivered software."

    Regardless of whether, you have an established QA department, you are planning to hire your first QA engineer, or do not think you need a Quality Assurance team, we can help you develop the highest quality product at the most economical fashion.

    At SQATest, we believe that the software quality assurance is not just testing but a series of tasks that are focused to ensure the highest standards of the delivered software products. The Software Quality assurance process should knit all the phases of the Pre Software Development and the Post Development phases.

    SQATest works as an integrated part of your company and will help you to identify your needs, recommend the appropriate solutions, and implement them to achieve our common goal of High Quality Software

    We offer a compete line of software Quality Assurance Services that includes:

    On-Site customer managed consulting services

    On-Site SQATest managed consulting services

    On-Site SQA Project Management Consulting

    SQA Process Management.

    Outsourcing services.

    User Interface Design and Usability Testing